Potty Training / 18 Weeks

I want to remind everyone before I write this post that twins are hard in all things for 365 solid days of their first year of life. My babies were up EVERY.SINGLE.3.HOURS for 6 months and they didn’t sleep through the night for 8 months. Pumping for 6 months took a mental toll on my body that I wasn’t prepared for, caring for 2 infants was nearly enough to put me in the looney bin, and life through teething was far from a delight! I say all of this because we FINALLY hit a stage of life that came fairly simple.

Potty training. I should also say- I didn’t want to potty train my babies. Maybe because when I look at them I see 5 pound babies laying in the NICU fighting to go home so their crazy mama could get it together. They are just my entire world and I feel guilty wanting them to grow up. Here is what I REFUSED to do. I REFUSED to be the parent who said ” I want the babies to be x….before the new baby comes.” Friends- we have to stop that mentality. My sweet babies will not have to be ANYTHING faster because their baby sister is knocking on my uterus. I didn’t WANT them to potty train for any other reason than they were truly showing signs and I had three days off to get serious. They also did HAVE to be potty trained by August when they start preschool (cue all my tears)

We have done nothing to prepare for potty training. I am an all or nothing kind of mama. I don’t let me kids call the shots in our house. We run on structure and routine and I am the parent. Call me strict, call me ridiculous, call me what you will – my wife and I are a team and when we decide what our family is going to do – our kids conform. Because it is their only option. I threw away every single bottle they had on their first birthday. I threw away every single pacifier Noelle had on her second birthday (although the paci fairy came and left her a gift) and I have never once let me kids sleep with me and my wife. My bed has a purpose and it’s not for babies. Potty training was no different. We didn’t do panties half time, or ask if they wanted to try. No ya’ll. We woke up last Saturday, stripped the kids naked and threw away every diaper in our home. Sink or swim my sugars, it’s potty time. We made a bucket of toys and things that they don’t get to see or play with which kept their attention in the bathroom and we put them on the potty every 30 minutes for 3 days. No exceptions and no leaving the house. It was a commitment. But it worked. Landen had 2 accidents on Saturday (one pee and he pooped in the playroom…bless him) and Noelle had one early on Saturday. They have been in underwear ever sense and have had zero accidents at daycare all week and none at home either. What? Too good to be true!!! But we have 2 potty trained babies at less than 2.5 years old. WOOT WOOT!

In other news- I am 18 weeks pregnant today. I feel great and things are progressing well. I have not been to the doctor since we found out we are having a girl and I go back next Thursday for our anatomy scan. I hope all checks out well and we can keep grooving through this pregnancy. They say heart burn means hairy babies- I am clearly birthing a full size gorilla. So much heart burn! I can’t eat any plainer foods! Goodness!

So that’s our life right now- pregnancy, potty training, and surviving the school year that is winter time of indoor recess and standardized testing around the corner. Lovely.




  1. I did the naked potty training last summer and it worked well and then he went back to daycare and they wouldn’t help because he was under 2.5 so unless he asked they won’t take him n now he’s back in diapers because they keep putting him back in diapers grrr but when we switch daycare we are totally doing the bare butt method again!!!

  2. Way to go! That method of potty training worked wonders for us, too. I’m strict with my expectations, too, even though my expectations are different than yours in some ways. I think kids appreciate it. And my daughter literally never tantrums anymore (it has been MONTHS since she threw a defiant fit) and I think it’s because she just knows that I won’t back down on the rules of the house.

  3. Potty training two under 3 is a huge accomplishment! Also, YES to the heartburn – my baby girl is SO hairy and I had such bad heartburn the whole pregnancy. My first was bald until 2 and I never had heartburn, haha!

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