It’s a girl….

I know YOU know because I posted it last week but I am still in total denial! I absolutely thought I was having a boy. Which actually, should have reminded me that it was a girl because I thought the twins were both girls so clearly I don’t know jack. I just had in my head this was a boy and wrong I was.

We arrived at our appointment at 8:00 on the dot. We updated our insurance and we waited. My stomach was in knots. I was so nervous. Nervous something was going to be wrong, or they wouldn’t find it, or my blood pressure would be through the roof.

We got called back and our favorite ultrasound tech was off and having another girl cover for her. She was nice and let us look around at the baby before looking for the good. The baby was sooooo squirmy and moving all over the place. Heart rate was 157. There goes some anxiety… then we moved to the gender and we all looked away. It was me, Karen, and my cousin Mallory in the room. She was in charge of the envelope because I would ABSOLUTELY cheat! It took awhile. Baby was sitting cross legged and she was pushing HARD to get to the goods. Finally, she said she had it and we were good. We looked at a few more pics and some 4D images and it was so amazing to see the features.

I went to work and waited for the party. I called my cousin at lunch and told her to rip it open because I couldn’t wait anymore. She said Hell NO!

We got to the restaurant, waited for our friends, and had cupcakes for the twins to bite into with the color to reveal. It felt like ages. Karen and I were turned around and waited for them to say “It’s….PINK” AHHH!

Now listen yall- I am THRILLLLEEEDDDD to be having a girl. I love that my last baby will be my baby girl and that everything is healthy and well. But oh my poor Landen. He cried because he wanted blue. Not that he wanted a brother, that he wanted a blue cupcake. Bless his precious heart!! He is going to be a good husband some day!! And I pray the Lord gives him a few sons. He will have earned it.

Our baby will be Gracelyn (Middle name to come) and we are so thrilled. We go back in 4 weeks (June 31st) for our anatomy scan. Time is really grooving. It’s so hard to believe we are here.

As far as me- I feel amazing. Belly is popped out and I am in the glory stage of pregnancy!!! Thankful for this miracle!!




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