One. More. Sleep

So here we are…

The night before we find out if our baby peanut is a boy or a girl. While I am so excited to finally know, I know that after tomorrow the wondering will go away. I will know if our family “baby” will be a son or a daughter and frankly it overwhelms me with so much joy. I thought for soooo long (3 years) that we would never be parents. It wasn’t working and no one could tell us why so to think that we will be a family of 5, 3 kids to raise and watch grow, fills me with all excitement.

People have asked me all day if I have a preference. I don’t care at all about what is between our baby’s legs. I do, however, hope for Landen that it’s a boy. I think another guy around would be nice for him but if you think for a second I won’t be excited for another girl, you are wrong. I have such a special bond with Noelle already and can see that my future best friend is growing in my little peanut.

Tomorrow our ultrasound is at 8:00 am. With the twins, Karen and I found out in the room at the appointment and then we had a party that evening to reveal to our friends. Tomorrow we are going to find out with everyone else. My cousin is going to the appointment with us and will be there to take the envelope to a bakery who is going to have two cupcakes for the twins to eat. We got cookies for everyone else that just say “girl?” and “boy?” I was way more excited about this idea until I got to thinking about how it is causing me to wait 8 more hours!! GAHHH! The excitement will sure be building.

As for Christmas and break and all things amazing, it was perfect. Our kids are at such a fun age of opening and appreciating gifts and having so much fun with Santa and baby Jesus. We went to mass and the traditions seem to get better and better every year. We traveled to northern Indiana to see my family at the beginning of the break so we could be home for actual Christmas and it was amazing. We were lazy a lot of days and also did lots of fun adventures like Chuck E Cheese, Inflatable Fun Factory, playing at the mall play set, going to see Christmas light displays, etc…it was a blast.

Wish us luck as we find the answer to the forever question “What are you having?”



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