12 + 5

12 weeks 5 days and couldn’t be more in love with this peanut!!! We went to the doctor Monday and started with our ultrasound to check for the hemorrhage. Praise the Lord it is gone!! She asked if I want to know what it is and I said OF COURSE!! So she said I can come back at my 15 week mark so we have an appointment scheduled January 4th when I am 15 weeks exactly to find out if it’s a Mr. or a sister. We are both team boy but absolutely want a healthy baby to love and snuggle. The twins go back and forth for what they think it is and Noelle usually tells me that baby sister is in her belly and baby brother is in my belly. She is a total hot mess. Landen usually says brother. So maybe he is on to something.

We met with our doctor and we went over a lot of things from my last pregnancy with the twins. She said the high blood pressure that came at the end was something we will surely watch this go around as well. My blood pressure was 138/84 at the appointment and she doesn’t want to see it above 140. She asked that I get a cuff at home and take it every morning. So far it’s been around 120/75 at home. I am a high energy person. I rarely “rest” and so when I am forced to sit and take it it ranges in the completely normal range. The doctor office gives me anxiety and I love them there so I am excited. This makes it hard to calm down for a BP reading. I will take my bp every morning and evening and take those numbers back with me January 4th. No signs of chronic hypertension at home….just in public when I am all over the place. I am glad it’s normal at home so hopefully we don’t have that as a concern throughout this pregnancy. I was put on BP meds after the twins but I quit taking it shortly after their birth. Maaaybeeee I should have talked to a doctor before that.

Today is our last day before Christmas break and we are heading home to do Christmas with my family before we come home for actual Christmas at home. I love traveling before Christmas so we can enjoy being home for good when we come back home.

I probably won’t update much before Christmas so Merry Christmas my blog sisters… I wish you all fertile thoughts, baby dust, and love and joy to your family.





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