My OB appointment is in an hour and a half and I am so excited for so many reasons.  First of all I get to see my OB which I just adore.  She was not at our first appointment as the first appointment is always with a nurse.  I also get an ultrasound to check the status of my hemorrhage.  I am obviously hoping it is gone.  I am also kinndaaa hoping that it’s still small in there so I can have another ultrasound soon. How terrible is that? haha! I know we probably won’t find out the sex today but we could definitely find out next time.  I am so excited to find out what this baby is.  I totally have a feeling it’s a boy. I want a boy.  We have a lot of estrogen in our home lol.  I adore my relationship with my daughter and my son but I am looking even more forward to seeing them bond with a new baby sibling.  They already kiss my belly and are just the sweetest.  June can’t come soon enough.  I will update after appointment but I am feeling great, I have some energy back which has been amazing, and Christmas is right around the corner!! love it!! Happy Monday ya’ll!!  Christmas break is 2 days away! I got this!!



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