9 Weeks and 2 days into this pregnancy and I am already shocked at how fast it is going.  Maybe because the next time I see my doctor I will be 12 weeks and that seems like no time at all and then boom it will be time for an anatomy scan and viola I am packing a hospital bag.  It sounds crazy but I have done this before and it seems to go that fast.

We had our initial doctor appointment ….wait…I didn’t post about our scare.  Back it up, sister.  So we had our ultrasound at 7 weeks and all looked great.  That was a Friday.  Then at 7+2 (Sunday)  I woke up bleeding.  Bright red, scary blood.  Yet I didn’t super freak out.  I had a hemorrhage with the twins so I bled a lot with them and I did FREAK OUT!! But this time I didn’t.  I wasn’t cramping or having any pain.  Just a lot of blood. So at 2:00 am I called the fertility clinic answering service.  My doctor called me in 5 minutes and said I had two options.  He said I could go to the OB ER and have an ultrasound or I could come to the office in the morning.  I kinda knew those were going to be my options and had already decided if I miscarrying, it wouldn’t change at the ER and I would rather be with the people we love at our clinic.  So I decided to wait.  Our fave ultrasound tech called me at 7:30 and said “come now- I will get you in” so we did.  Sure enough- healthy baby heart rate and a hemorrhage which they told me was not big but was positioned right near my cervix which probably caused the large amount of bleeding I saw. I was put on bedrest the remainder of the day and told I could return to work tomorrow.  I did just that and the bleeding stopped.

What scared me more than the bleeding was my progesterone level. At my appointment that Friday, it was 15.2 which is lower than they would expect but he didn’t change my meds.  Three days later it was 14.1 which made me super anxious.  He increased my progesterone to suppositories in addition to the shots I am already on.  I have been a wreck about my level.  They said they would expect it to be around 30.  UGH> Stressed!

My first inital appointment with my OB was on a Wednesday when I would be 8+5.  I knew I wouldn’t see my OB as the first appointment is just a nurse appointment.  Ironically Karen had her annual that Monday and I asked her to order a progesterone check so I could sleep again.  She agreed and said she wouldn’t be too concerned unless it was under 10 but agreed since it was dropping that it was worth checking.

Wednesday came and since it was the day before Thanksgiving we took the babies to our amazing friends who have become family.  They watched them after we went to breakfast so we could go to the doctor without them.  We sat in the waiting room and showed pictures of the babies to our nurses and staff we came to love.  They called us back and we went over all things pregnancy and then they sent me to labs.  My progesterone came back at 40.1!!! Praise the LORD!!!!!!!!!!  I am so excited.  More excited because my blood draw with my fertility office is Monday morning and I am pretty sure he will take me off the shots or the suppositories and I can’t wait!!!!  Secretly hoping to be off the shots.  I am over em!  So we will see!

We had our ultrasound at our appointment and baby looked great.  Starting to look more and more like a baby and heart rate was 179! GAHHH! Girl?  I am not ready for another diva lol. I yell daily at my belly ” BE A BOY!!!”  🙂 Of course we would be thrilled either way but I would love Landen to have another guy around !

I go back in three weeks to actually see my doctor!  I am so excited. I LOVE HER!!!

As far as an update on me- I feel great!  I have spouts of nausea and tums are my besties but I can’t complain.  This 5 day weekend has been paradise!! I am thrilled to have 3 1/2 weeks until Christmas break and enjoy some much needed time at home with family.



We also went FB official on Thanksgiving 🙂



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