7 weeks 3 days!

Already failed at updating on my weekly date! I normally will do it Friday morning at work but we had our ultrasound and Friday at 10:30 and I wanted to wait.

So clearly since I’m posting that I’m 7+3 it means our ultrasound went well! We got there and I did blood work which was not a good draw. My arm is actually still tender today. Never have an issue and normally can’t even feel it but that sucker hurt!

Went right to ultrasound with our favorite tech and her firsts words were “well good news! There’s only one!” And I responded “but there is one??” And there was. A beautiful sac and baby and heartbeat at 142. I cried. That little flutter is enough to melt your heart. It’s truly miraculous!!

We have officially and unofficially graduated from the fertility clinic. We call tomorrow to schedule with our OB but we go back to the clinic for blood draws at 9 and 11 weeks to monitor med changes if needed. Still on PIO and estrogen patches and pills. PIO is a PIA and I’m counting the seconds till it’s over. I’ve been pretty nauseous and puked a bit. No consistent time of day tho.

Today we had friends over for friendsgiving and enjoyed our three day weekend. Now a 4 day work week and a 2 day week for thanksgiving !! Yes please!!

Holidays are my absolute favorite!!!


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