6 Weeks Today

Something about being 6 weeks pregnant makes me feel so real.  4 and 5 weeks sounds like pretend pregnant. Like it’s still up in the air to me. But 6 weeks is on our way to being serious.

Let’s start with the madness- we listed our house last night.  It had to happen.  We are out of bedrooms. We are going to build our forever home and we are so excited about it!! We are meeting with our builder tonight at 3:30 to start the process however here’s the kicker- we will have to rent first.  We will rent while they build our house after we sell our current home.  I hate the idea of renting. HATE IT. Like a lot but I know it will be a short term situation.

I have a girl at work that wants to look at our house.  It will be a blessing and a 10,000 dollar curse if she buys it.  Regardless of her mentioning it we still went ahead and listed it.  If she buys it and we wouldn’t have needed a realtor, I will be pissed we paid the extra to have one but timing is everything right now so we had to get it on the market.  My ULTIMATE goal is to sell, rent, and move in to our home before the baby comes.  That is a long shot but if we sold within the month, it COULD happen.  I am telling myself it won’t happen just to be prepared and will be thrilled if we move before the baby comes.

Here is the bumpdate… Hoping to stay up to date on these weekly

How far along: 6 weeks!!

Baby is the size of: a pea with a beating heart!

Total weight gain: I just weighed myself this week.  Being on shots and hormones makes me wonder what we will see in increases and decreases.


  • Nausea has begun! Mostly in the morning after about an hour of being awake and around 3-5 pm.  No fun but reminds me all is going well in there.
  • Had headaches weeks 4 and 5 but nothing since.

Food cravings: None – carbs- mostly because they settle the best.

Things that make me queasy: Nothing specifically

Maternity clothes: Nothing yet.  Although I am so bloated from the meds.

Sleep: Good! I am exhausted at night. I don’t even look at my phone. I hit the pillow and it’s over

Purchases for baby: Nothing from us but a friend bought a teddy bear 🙂

Purchases for mama: Nothing yet- maybe some herbal teas this weekend.

Best moment this week: Knowing we are 1 week closer to seeing a heartbeat and breathing a breath of relief.

Miss anything?  Not yet!

Looking forward to: Growing the bump, baby getting bigger, getting out of 1st trimester, announcing on FB….I could go on for days! I am also increasingly excited about telling my students!

The Bump: Nothing from this baby. Still normal clothes and just a medication bloat.  I do feel bigger as the day goes on.  Lots of leggings 🙂

We told some family and friends and have kept it from others as we wait for the ultrasound.  I can’t believe we are in this place.  A baby, a master’s degree, 2 moves ahead, and oh, the holidays are coming.  WOW. Life 🙂



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