29 + 4

I am 3 days away from being THIRTY WEEKS PREGNANT!!!! When people say your second pregnancy goes faster than your first- they for real ain’t kiddin!!! She is an active little thing who hates when I lean on anything.

Medically things have gone really well. My doctor thought I was measuring big on the outside so we did an ultrasound and she is 72 percentile and about 3.5 pounds. She isn’t concerned about it and said that probably from the twins things are stretching more than they need to. She is also currently transverse and she wasn’t worried about that either. She said she has until the last second to get head down. Yay!

So our current birthing plan is for an unmedicated vbac. I have been doing so much research and practicing some breathing and positions for the hospital although I plan to labor at home way more than at the hospital. Clearly this will all depend on this baby and we will see how it goes.

I did fail my one hour glucose test. I passed with the twins so I was kinda freaking out. I passed my three hour though so back to the occasssional (okay possibly frequent) ice cream and pizza. I am feeling so great!

In home news- we got the final email that we have move in and closing dates!!! Our final walk through will be May 24 and we will get our keys and close on May 30th. Ya’ll this was the best news ever!!! That gives us four whole weeks before baby is due! Yippee!! Bring it on!!! Our main goal is for a nice happy and unpacked home before we bring home our gorgeous baby!!



7 days.

That’s it. Seven days stand between us and our first move of this two move process. We will be moving to our apartment next Saturday for 6-8 weeks until our home is done being built. With this comes something even scarier. My cousin is taking my twins 5 hours away without me next weekend so we can move without having to work around their schedules. While I know they will be absolutely fine and have a blast with my family, I can’t help but feel heartbroken that my babies will be away from home without their mama for the first time. That being said, it will be soooo helpful to move with them occupied. As if being 26 weeks pregnant next week isn’t fun enough 🙂 We have slowly moved things to storage and every night we go to bed looking more and more like this place is ending for us.

Ya’ll listen- I AM NOT a “things” person. I wouldn’t think twice if this place burnt to the ground and we lost everything in it (outside of the people and pets obviously and frankly….one cat drives me nuts…kidding..ish) So what I am trying to say is that I am not nervous about leaving this place from the stance of what we are getting rid of. But there is a sense of sadness that comes over me when I remember what this home meant. First of all it meant that Karen and I made it and were going to share our lives together and that was something I have dreamt about for a while at that point. We lived long distance for 4+ years and while we did live in an apartment together, being homeowners was fabulous. It was a major goal of mine. We got married here, we built a tribe of people who became our family away from our family, and we got married.

We took COUNTLESS negative pregnancy tests. We got the call in this very house that our first positive pregnancy had turned negative. We also took countless positive tests that completely changed our life. Pregnancy was built in this home for 35 weeks and a we brought our babies home to a nursery we put together with our own paint and put them in cribs that we prayed over for longer than we knew we were pregnant. My angels are 2.5 years old so yes guys, I am emotional about this move. I know we will love our new home and create all new memories in our new space. That doesn’t change that this one is leaving a super special place in my heart.

To 12011, you have been everything I could have asked for in a first home and so. so. so. so. much more!!! Here’s to the last week of “lasts” in our first house we made a home. And to one week left until spring break and 25 weeks pregnant- life is so good and we are so blessed.

Here is a pic of our 24 week bump! Keep growing Gracelyn Kate, we sure do love you already!




All I think about all the time is….time. How fast time is going really. I am 22+4 days pregnant. My belly is big and baby girl is moving and grooving and I could not be more obsessed with pregnancy. I feel so lucky and blessed to have easy ones!!

Our house is being built and we go by and check on progress way more than I expected to! Foundation is poured and it’s going to be ready before we know it. This is me trying to be optimistic. I so badly want to be in our house before this baby comes.

We close on our house Thursday at 8:45 for the one we are selling. We can stay for 30 days and then we will be in an apartment until our home is done. Part of me is so excited because we are purging so much stuff we have accumulated in our home over 6 years. It’s bittersweet to see our home go. I hope we love our new home as much as we loved this one.

The school year is flying and we are only 4 weeks away from spring break and 11 weeks away from the end of the school year. This is pure madness to me!!! I truly can’t even!!

Illness is taking over the world. Our family has been pretty lucky overall but as a teacher- it is just madness. I had a stomach bug last week that ended me up in the ER to get fluids through IV’s as I couldn’t even keep down water. I am better now and each twin had about 12 hours of the same bug at some point last week beginning with Landen throwing up on Karen in mass last Sunday. This week he said “mom, I won’t choke on you today.” Bless him.

I have my second part of my anatomy scan today to finish a few pics of the heart we haven’t gotten yet. This will most likely be our last ultrasound until we check position around 36 weeks which seems so crazy to a twin mama who had ultrasounds constantly. I am excited to see her today and also know the glucose test is probably my next appointment which I always fear even though I had no issues with the twins. This baby girl loves her some sweets.

We finally picked a name. Gracelyn Kate 🙂 I am so excited and can’t wait to meet this baby!!

Hoping today goes well and we keep cruising through our pregnancy nice and smoothly.



Potty Training / 18 Weeks

I want to remind everyone before I write this post that twins are hard in all things for 365 solid days of their first year of life. My babies were up EVERY.SINGLE.3.HOURS for 6 months and they didn’t sleep through the night for 8 months. Pumping for 6 months took a mental toll on my body that I wasn’t prepared for, caring for 2 infants was nearly enough to put me in the looney bin, and life through teething was far from a delight! I say all of this because we FINALLY hit a stage of life that came fairly simple.

Potty training. I should also say- I didn’t want to potty train my babies. Maybe because when I look at them I see 5 pound babies laying in the NICU fighting to go home so their crazy mama could get it together. They are just my entire world and I feel guilty wanting them to grow up. Here is what I REFUSED to do. I REFUSED to be the parent who said ” I want the babies to be x….before the new baby comes.” Friends- we have to stop that mentality. My sweet babies will not have to be ANYTHING faster because their baby sister is knocking on my uterus. I didn’t WANT them to potty train for any other reason than they were truly showing signs and I had three days off to get serious. They also did HAVE to be potty trained by August when they start preschool (cue all my tears)

We have done nothing to prepare for potty training. I am an all or nothing kind of mama. I don’t let me kids call the shots in our house. We run on structure and routine and I am the parent. Call me strict, call me ridiculous, call me what you will – my wife and I are a team and when we decide what our family is going to do – our kids conform. Because it is their only option. I threw away every single bottle they had on their first birthday. I threw away every single pacifier Noelle had on her second birthday (although the paci fairy came and left her a gift) and I have never once let me kids sleep with me and my wife. My bed has a purpose and it’s not for babies. Potty training was no different. We didn’t do panties half time, or ask if they wanted to try. No ya’ll. We woke up last Saturday, stripped the kids naked and threw away every diaper in our home. Sink or swim my sugars, it’s potty time. We made a bucket of toys and things that they don’t get to see or play with which kept their attention in the bathroom and we put them on the potty every 30 minutes for 3 days. No exceptions and no leaving the house. It was a commitment. But it worked. Landen had 2 accidents on Saturday (one pee and he pooped in the playroom…bless him) and Noelle had one early on Saturday. They have been in underwear ever sense and have had zero accidents at daycare all week and none at home either. What? Too good to be true!!! But we have 2 potty trained babies at less than 2.5 years old. WOOT WOOT!

In other news- I am 18 weeks pregnant today. I feel great and things are progressing well. I have not been to the doctor since we found out we are having a girl and I go back next Thursday for our anatomy scan. I hope all checks out well and we can keep grooving through this pregnancy. They say heart burn means hairy babies- I am clearly birthing a full size gorilla. So much heart burn! I can’t eat any plainer foods! Goodness!

So that’s our life right now- pregnancy, potty training, and surviving the school year that is winter time of indoor recess and standardized testing around the corner. Lovely.



It’s a girl….

I know YOU know because I posted it last week but I am still in total denial! I absolutely thought I was having a boy. Which actually, should have reminded me that it was a girl because I thought the twins were both girls so clearly I don’t know jack. I just had in my head this was a boy and wrong I was.

We arrived at our appointment at 8:00 on the dot. We updated our insurance and we waited. My stomach was in knots. I was so nervous. Nervous something was going to be wrong, or they wouldn’t find it, or my blood pressure would be through the roof.

We got called back and our favorite ultrasound tech was off and having another girl cover for her. She was nice and let us look around at the baby before looking for the good. The baby was sooooo squirmy and moving all over the place. Heart rate was 157. There goes some anxiety… then we moved to the gender and we all looked away. It was me, Karen, and my cousin Mallory in the room. She was in charge of the envelope because I would ABSOLUTELY cheat! It took awhile. Baby was sitting cross legged and she was pushing HARD to get to the goods. Finally, she said she had it and we were good. We looked at a few more pics and some 4D images and it was so amazing to see the features.

I went to work and waited for the party. I called my cousin at lunch and told her to rip it open because I couldn’t wait anymore. She said Hell NO!

We got to the restaurant, waited for our friends, and had cupcakes for the twins to bite into with the color to reveal. It felt like ages. Karen and I were turned around and waited for them to say “It’s….PINK” AHHH!

Now listen yall- I am THRILLLLEEEDDDD to be having a girl. I love that my last baby will be my baby girl and that everything is healthy and well. But oh my poor Landen. He cried because he wanted blue. Not that he wanted a brother, that he wanted a blue cupcake. Bless his precious heart!! He is going to be a good husband some day!! And I pray the Lord gives him a few sons. He will have earned it.

Our baby will be Gracelyn (Middle name to come) and we are so thrilled. We go back in 4 weeks (June 31st) for our anatomy scan. Time is really grooving. It’s so hard to believe we are here.

As far as me- I feel amazing. Belly is popped out and I am in the glory stage of pregnancy!!! Thankful for this miracle!!



One. More. Sleep

So here we are…

The night before we find out if our baby peanut is a boy or a girl. While I am so excited to finally know, I know that after tomorrow the wondering will go away. I will know if our family “baby” will be a son or a daughter and frankly it overwhelms me with so much joy. I thought for soooo long (3 years) that we would never be parents. It wasn’t working and no one could tell us why so to think that we will be a family of 5, 3 kids to raise and watch grow, fills me with all excitement.

People have asked me all day if I have a preference. I don’t care at all about what is between our baby’s legs. I do, however, hope for Landen that it’s a boy. I think another guy around would be nice for him but if you think for a second I won’t be excited for another girl, you are wrong. I have such a special bond with Noelle already and can see that my future best friend is growing in my little peanut.

Tomorrow our ultrasound is at 8:00 am. With the twins, Karen and I found out in the room at the appointment and then we had a party that evening to reveal to our friends. Tomorrow we are going to find out with everyone else. My cousin is going to the appointment with us and will be there to take the envelope to a bakery who is going to have two cupcakes for the twins to eat. We got cookies for everyone else that just say “girl?” and “boy?” I was way more excited about this idea until I got to thinking about how it is causing me to wait 8 more hours!! GAHHH! The excitement will sure be building.

As for Christmas and break and all things amazing, it was perfect. Our kids are at such a fun age of opening and appreciating gifts and having so much fun with Santa and baby Jesus. We went to mass and the traditions seem to get better and better every year. We traveled to northern Indiana to see my family at the beginning of the break so we could be home for actual Christmas and it was amazing. We were lazy a lot of days and also did lots of fun adventures like Chuck E Cheese, Inflatable Fun Factory, playing at the mall play set, going to see Christmas light displays, etc…it was a blast.

Wish us luck as we find the answer to the forever question “What are you having?”